Social Media Syndication with Synnd

November 14, 2009

There is no doubt that content syndication through social media channels has become front and center on how information is syndicated through out the world. It has been used for years in television, radio and newspapers. However the game has changed. Were in the past the only place to get news and information and advertisements was either over the air waves (TV & Radio) or in print. Sure they targeted their market based on the audience or the shows people were watching or listening too and of course they still do, but now with Social Media and Google. People are either getting their information and news online or their using the internet when it comes to searching for products and services.  Everyday these numbers are growing. The fact is more people are using these networks to either socialize or find something of interest that their looking for. The key here is to get in front of them and now there is a way to do just that.

These social sites also have specific topics and interest that are now being targeted. Lets put it this way. Yellow Book ad sales are down over 40% in the last 4 years. Google local searches for businesses up 30% and Social Media sites are growing fast. Lets put it another way, YouTube is now the 2nd largest search tool under Google. That is more then Yahoo.

There was a simple and easy process that was done that lead you to this article. Once you understand how this was done. You can go into any market, topic or social network and if your content is found to be either educational, enlightening, entertaining or interesting, then your content has the opportunity to create social Buzz. Once that information starts to pass through the many different social channels (example: Digg, facebook, twitter, hubpages etc.) you will not only get traffic to your blog or website from these networks, but search engines will take notice and pick them up and index them within the search term(s) that is most relevant to your content.

Now when your content is being Syndicated through the use of Synnd, it has an even greater chance to go viral throughout the hundreds of different social media channels. Which also will increase your sites search rankings and helps to generate organic search engine traffic.

If you are a Marketer or looking to get your product or information in front of people then Content syndication is exactly were you’ll want to be. To discover how to use social media correctly and get your information or product in front of a targeted audience. You will want to visit Social Media Science. Their Charles Heflin and his team have well over a decade of experience with not only SEO backgrounds, but they have built one of the most power content syndication networks, called Synnd. Which has the power to get your information in front of hundreds people that will distribute that content through the many different Social Media Networks. I have posted more information on my main blog about understanding social media syndication.